Max Summer School in Geidai 2021
I can’t attend all 4 days of the workshop. Can I participate only a few days?

I am sorry, but there is no setting of fee on a daily basis. Absence is free, but you can not receive a refund. Also, since the curriculum is assembled through 4 days, I recommend you to take consecutive course.

I do not know anything about Max, is it okay?

It is okay if you have a willingness to master. In the course for beginners, the experienced instructors take on the coaching.

How can I apply for the workshop?

Check the details here

I find that there are very beginner, beginner, intermediate and advanced workshops. How can I take a class?

Everyone can choose any classes and you can take at the same time the different levels of workshops.

Is it possible that I give a presentation of my own patch or external object?

You can give a presentation in evening session. Each presentation assumes about 30 minutes including preparations per person, so we can not get much preparation time. Please also consider this point.

Please tell me more about when bringing a computer.

Bringing your own computer to the venue, you will learn Max while operating the computer at hand. It is recommended that you download Max in advance.

I am proud of Max’s experts, but is it worth to participate?

As a workshop, we have set up advanced course, but, in the case of those who expert beyond that, I imagine it depends on your personal intention. It may not be easy for everyone to be completely satisfied as a workshop where dozens of participants participate at the same time as thinking that the interests and problem consciousness of advanced users are individually concrete. However, the instructors are also present at the venue, so we should be able to consult about how to use Max to create works. We plan to have many such time, so I think that you will be satisfied with advanced users. Also, for presentations and discussions at evening sessions, it is time that advanced participants be active. So please join us.